Sabi nga: Not everyone who works hard is rewarded

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moncler jackets men Uhm work and life balance, remember? I don see “Work hard as in really hard 14 hours a day like you don have other responsibilities” as a healthy advice. Wala sa 14 hours a day lifestyle ang success. 14 or so hours occasionally when needed perhaps but a company that regulates these moncler usa hours are just toxic as shit and also a person that promotes it. Degrading people as “pathetic” when they don work his “14 hours a day”. Nice way to trigger people. Not like more hours == hardwork. Maybe more hours is equals to more tired, less health, less productivity.I would, although, agree if workdays are reduced by the abnormal amount of hours per day. There is nothing wrong with that, and I happy that moncler outlet you get to choose that life. That just the beauty of life that our heroes fought and died for. Yung mga co worker mo na sinasabihan kayo ng “Weakshit” or “Pathetic” because they spend more than 8 hours sa work, eh pathetic din sila. And I don promote this. cheap moncler jackets womens I know that not all people can work na parang sinanla mo na kaluluwa mo kay satanas. What I call “pathetic” is those people who aren willing to work hard for it but want to have a very high position moncler outlet sale or salary. Spend time learning and improving your crafts instead of watching netflix series. Go to seminars, workshops and meetups instead of cheap moncler sale going to beach vacation posting YOLO on instagram. If you can do that then don Yun ang trip mo eh and I really happy for you that you opted for that simple life. cheap moncler jackets mens JUST DON FUCKING COMPLAIN. Napaka unfair yun sa mga tao na talagang pinag hirapan bago maka rating sa ganyang level.But what moncler outlet prices also grinds my gears are those people who degrades hard working moncler outlet online people by saying “uHm wOrK and lIfE bAlAnCe, rEmEmBer?” or “wAlA sA 14 hOuRs a dAy lIfEsTyle aNg sUcCesS”. Yeah discount moncler jackets right, said no CEO ever. Get back to me when you have a company worth $1 billion. We don want that kind of lifestyle eh, bakit ba? Walang pakielamanan ng trip. We best moncler jackets enjoy being workaholic eh. Wag mo idegrade yung hardworking, and we have a high ambition. Ayaw mo na hinahatak ka sa long uk moncler outlet working hours wag ka rin manghatak ng tao pababa. We not seeing eye to eye to here. Let assume that I work in a call center. Then one day I met you. I learned that you earn 6 digits salary. I asked you cheap moncler coats mens what do you do. You said you are a SAP developer. I asked you what is that and how can I get that. You told me everything, how to learn those shits, how to apply for seminar and to get certified. But that means that I need to sacrifice my netflix subscription, hangouts sa bar and my trips to beaches. But oh no, me being pathetic refused to do that and instead cry about how unfair life is so much moncler womens jackets that I moncler online store even wrote a blog about how my life sucks. Do you see it now? Diba nakakapikon?Wala tayong yamings na parents na iinherit nalang yung yaman nila. We aren going to get that ravish lifestyle simply because we continue doing what we already know. It takes alot hardwork to master skills that we don know yet. Think about it, if you had the same experience and skills as your CEO or team leader where would you be right now? Kobe didn won 5 championship just because he talented. No, he worked very very hard for it. And those who are chasing greatness will never have that “work and life balance”. Some people want happiness, some people want greatness. Sabi nga: Not everyone who works hard is rewarded. But all those who succeed, moncler sale have worked hard.Uulit ulitin ko, there is nothing wrong in having a simple life. But if you want to get to higher level you must moncler sale online work hard for it. Depende talaga sa mga uk moncler sale tao yan, kanya kanyang trip. Sakin kasi, I really enjoy it, and I really have a very high ambition. So sakin, I must work hard for it.Konting segway and share lang on why I am a pro choice advocate. I don really appreciate art. Pero I value that we have people that can pursue doing art. Art is the epic symbol that we as humans can choose to do things we love than being forced to do so.So I highly respect people that chose a career that they truly love and passionate about even if the moncler outlet woodbury salary isn that high enough. Those people are the ones who really come aliveWhoever the fuck said you can do both???? Can you be working hard and working smart altogether??? Hindi ba pwede????One more fucking thing, is me working hard has some of bullshit second hand effects that can ruin your lifestyle and health?? I love what I do and I love every second I spend with it, even if I don earn that much I would still fucking do it. Walang pakelamanan ng tripLastly, why do people hate it when people work hard for their dreams?? Why do you need to fucking set some fucking lifestyle standards for people who are actually working hard and doing the best they can to achieve their goals?? Or maybe, some cheap moncler jackets of you don fucking realize that we are not created equally?? That some of you don fucking realize that we don have a wealthy family or relatives that can JUST EVEN help us to build connections?? That maybe, JUST FUCKING MAYBE that some of us need to work part time just to continue and finish our degree?? Why????Hindi ko alam kung exception to the rule lang talaga ako pero shop Yung nakikita nyo palagi sa FB. Nag reresell ako ng mga damit. Yes, malaki kinikita moncler sale outlet ko.Usually, pumupunta ako sa Divisoria every week or bi weekly para bumili ng bulto bultong damit. Mas okay kung may suki ka na para mas mura mong makukuha yung mga damit at malaki matitipid mo. Kailangan mo lang mag tiyaga sa paghahanap ng suki mo, yung iba kasi ang moncler uk outlet taas pa din mag presyo. moncler outlet store May isang pwesto sa Divi na ang may ari ay si Kpop Yung pwesto nya ay puno ng mga murang damit na ang theme ay Sulit yung price at ang dami nyang stock palagi. Kirat sya at may tattoo na mukhang autistic na lion sa leeg. Mukha syang sanggano pero mabait at okay kausap. Dalawa anak nyang babae na lagi nyang katulong sa pwesto nya. Nakukuha nya daw yung supplies nya sa isang Korean na kilala nya. Weird nga daw kasi yung Korean na yun ayaw ng Kimchi at napapangitan sa mga Kdrama pero tuwang tuwa sa probinsyano. One time daw nahuli nya nanonood ng Babe! na movie nila Marvin at Jolina moncler jackets men.

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