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5 points submitted 13 days agoDifferent stances from the same class have never stacked together and different stances from different classes have, far as I can remember, and I was playing before Magatsu was in the game.If an old Hunter had Fury and Guard stances and had Fury active, activating Guard would disable Fury. All the bonuses and penalties of Fury would vanish, and be replaced with the ones from Guard. canada goose uk shop But if they were Fi/Hu, they could have Canada Goose Coats On Sale Brave and Fury active at the same time, or Wise and buy canada goose jacket Fury, or canada goose uk black friday Brave and Guard.But there canada goose clearance sale are several differences between Facebook and a medical consent form. Firstly doctors are legally obliged to act in your best interests. Facebook is not. Doctors are subject to objective standards and review by expert regulators and tribunals. Facebook is not. Doctors are recommending something in your interests and they goose outlet canada still seek to explain it to you canada goose uk outlet as best they can. Facebook isn’t, and doesn’t.But Facebook is also not completely optional anymore. In a similar way to canada goose coats how it’s difficult to live official canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet without a phone now, it’s also canada goose outlet in usa increasingly difficult to live without Facebook. canada goose factory sale If you canada goose factory outlet don’t use it, you Canada Goose Outlet inconvenience your friends canada goose and family, cheap canada goose uk and that comes with a social cost. So we really need a canada goose clearance better solution to the privacy questions than we currently work with.ShinkuTear 1 point submitted 22 days agoFor what little this may be worth: I never had a Facebook account, and never felt any need to get one. No one has asked me to do anything with the site. No inconvenience has happened, and at my current pace, no inconvenience could happen either.Facebook is cheap Canada Goose completely optional, there are likely alternatives depending on what you use it for, you Canada Goose Parka can cut canada goose outlet parka it out of your life if you want. So this issue is more that Facebook offers canada goose outlet jackets some convenience by having many features you want in the same place, but has all the issues of privacy. 5 points canada goose outlet online submitted 26 days agoRegardless of all canada goose outlet sale other stuff: Whatever the heck we canadian goose jacket summon from, basically exists outside of time.Tomoe was in Babylonia canada goose black friday sale singularity, but the mortal person Tomoe had not been born yet, let alone earned her spot as a servant. That only possible if the summoning doesn care Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet toronto factory about normal time stuff.Imagine some sort of crazy arse computer server that exists outside of canada goose coats on sale time. When beings become servants, canada goose outlet new york city a copy of them is, more or less, canada goose outlet store uk uploaded to that server. When canada goose canada goose store jacket outlet someone summons a servant, they download that copy, uk canada goose outlet and these downloads don care about region, date, timeline, or any of that garbage. That server has has canada goose black friday sale helluva good ISP.Nero and Tamamo I canada goose outlet black friday suppose managed to get their memories from Extra uploaded, so they can remember that stuff when summoned.It still confusing timey wimey stuff, and the memories are supposedly not meant canada goose outlet reviews to be carried over between summons. but I guess whoever is managing buy canada goose jacket cheap the server is goofing off? 10 points submitted 1 month agoThis topic has been done to death. Canada Goose Online canada goose outlet canada Tl;dr version: They have to somehow canada goose outlet online uk acquire rights for allllll the collab stuff(won be cheap!), or get new collab stuff to replace it(won be easy or cheap!).Probly 95%(or more?) of people who would play PSO2 in english or other Non canada goose outlet uk Japanese languages. already are, and probly wouldn wanna start over on a version that could easily be canada goose outlet 5+ years behind until it dies. So the official western versions would have a shrunken player base. 1 point submitted canada goose outlet uk sale 1 month agoBoth Artoria Lancer and Lancer Alter profiles mention not taking up the “holy sword” and Alters even mentions canada goose outlet store the “sheath” as well.That I canada goose outlet shop know of Caliburn either didn have a sheath, or the sheath had no powers, but both Excalibur Canada Goose online and Avalon definitely had powers, with Avalon even having powerful regeneration and canada goose outlet nyc eternal youth among its powers. I also not seen mention of Caliburn as a uk canada goose holy sword, only Excalibur.So chances are, it really just that Saber Artoria got Excalibur and Avalon while still fairly young, Canada Goose Jackets she didn have much time to grow much beyond Lily physical form.

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