Those are some examples of Canada Goose Parka why I like the

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3 points submitted 1 hour agoMap was on Yamato harbor and this guy is in Canada Goose Online Canada Goose Outlet the premium IS2. He starts off by complaining and whining about it being rigged against him even though his buy canada goose jacket cheap team had a helsing, himself in the is2, and e25 on his team! We only had a helsing and the rest of our team Canada Goose Jackets was researchable tanks. (Those researchable on his team were pretty powerful too. Isu, t49, t54 ltwt, rhm). Anyways, he whines the entire match and then suicides when he was the last member alive on his team.This proves that MH is completely USELESS and Wg should actually do something about this!Edit: I feel bad for the canada goose clearance enemy team for having this complete and utter wimp on their team. the reason is because my first game was Black. For my main partner, Lucario. he helped me defeated my first Pokemon league in Gen 5 (got an egg from my friend Lucario and trained it up).The reason for Gardevoir is because she got a clutch crit cheap Canada Goose on Wallace last Pokemon, Milotic, in ORAS (she was the last one remaining and had 1/4 her original hp). Alolan Ninetails because I really like the design. Alolan Muk because of type coverage and he was one of the original Pokemon I caught in Sun (still use him to this day). I Canada Goose Coats On Sale would have to say the two main reasons why I choose Vikavolt is one, you always need an electric type, cheap canada goose uk and two is because I would name him MN Viking! (Minnesota Vikings if you didn know)Edit: If I had to pick a pre evolution, it has to be Ralts. I love the color and design of it. the green, pick, and white work really well together. Plus, the cry is pretty cute. 2 buy canada goose jacket points submitted 16 days agoI would have to say the Americans. Sure they are just average in almost every category, but that means that they can uk canada goose outlet do multiple roles in every battle. Say your canada goose coats main heavy gets knocked out, you usually have just enough armor to sidescrape, so you can go hold the flank. Also, since you tank is American, you can also hold the flank by showing only your turret. Another example is your light tank has just been killed, since your American, you can do the spotting Canada Goose online since the meds and heavies have the best view range in their classes respectively. Those are some examples of Canada Goose Parka why I like the Americans. They can do almost any role on the canada goose store battlefield, just not as good as tanks especially designed for that specific purpose. 1 canada goose factory sale point submitted 19 days agoMap was mines and we had south spawn. Team actually listens and all go hill. I spot a su 76, valentine at, and a chi ni, and the team shoots them up but doesn kill them. I notice the enemy is flanking through the lighthouse, canada goose black friday sale and I put several shots into them. We lose 2 canadian goose jacket tanks and the enemy pushes up onto the hill, but still sat in the open. I pull back to the north side of the hill and kill the su 76 and the m2 medium. I put 3 4 shots into the valentine at before he gets into cover and then pull back to the south end of the hill, allowing me to kill a panzer 4 a, I rush out of the main hill to snag a kill on a low hp bt7 who was trying to canada goose uk shop go lighthouse. After that, I kill the last medium 2 in our spawn.Wittyusernamehere2 2 points submitted 25 days agothe E5 is still pretty team reliant despite being a strong heavy because of its slow speed and weakness from the side, as well as its vulnerability to the absolute spamming uk canada goose of TDs in tier X. canada goose clearance sale it needs to be able to go hulldown in a strong area and not be flanked or damaged for it to work the best. the only advice i can give canada goose you is to take baby steps and toon to minimize its team reliance. also another option is simply being less aggressive canada goose uk black friday and taking a second line type approach where you brawl a bit less and stick with the team. however your damage will definitely be lower than if you had been more of an aggressive brawler. the E5 just doesnt hold up in 1v1s with TDs and heavy tanks with better DPM, armor or alpha. theres individual skill but when youve met your match and theyre in a superior tank you will get fucked. TDs really rip this tank to shreds and you need your team to help you fight the tanks that counter you.sure, its strong while hulldown, but youre hulldown maybe 60 percent of the time best case scenario. there are maps where you canada goose coats on sale cant avoid being on flat ground, and relocating or pushing is another risk. and when youre on flat ground or forced into a 1v1 you have to make your bad side armor work, wiggle or take Canada Goose sale damage, which leads to more problems. it has a mediocre hitpoint pool which is also why TDs ruin this tank, as well as the fact they very easily can go straight through your turret with standard ammo. things like E100s are nightmares because they too can go through your armor and do canada goose uk outlet a lot of damage, but then also have really annoying armor.the M103 is pretty different from this tank, because its stronger tier for tier. Canada Goose Outlet the E5 is really good, with great DPM and now a great turret, but it has to stand up against two things: larger guns and larger hitpoint pools. 400hp per shot becomes mediocre, and the mobility also becomes mediocre. at least there arent tanks penning your cupola 90 percent of the time anymore though.

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