Well, wind up, Dontrelle, and cast your stone toward Caribbean

More than 300,000 South Floridians describe their primary ancestry as non Hispanic Caribbean or West Indian. That’s a good thing, because it means there are plenty of places to get really good West Indian food. Heck, you could throw a rock almost anywhere within Broward and Palm Beach counties and it would probably fly through the window of a Caribbean restaurant. Well, wind up, Dontrelle, and cast your stone toward Caribbean Choice Restaurant and Bakery in West Palm Beach. Owner Don Smith brings his island flavor from Jamaica via the Bronx and serves up Caribbean favorites such as beef patties, jerked chicken and pork, and roti. And if you’re in the mood for fish, escovitched snapper and steamed kingfish are on the menu as well. Add pigeon peas and rice and you’ve got good times. Whether dining in for a quick sitdown meal or eating on the run, every wanga gut (big eater) this side of Kingston can get his or her fill.

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