You are also dependent on buyers for hashing power

Only seeing gpu0 in MPM

This sub is dedicated to MiningPoolHub service and nothing else. If you moncler sale are beginning to get into moncler uk outlet mining, go to r/gpumining moncler usa as a great place to get started. How do I setup auto exchange? or My rig moncler sale outlet has 6 different GPUs, will MultiPoolMiner work on it?).No spamming or selling equipment, or anything else for that matter.If you moncler outlet sale want to discuss moncler outlet specific coins, please go to the sub that discusses it.Other than that, welcome to this sub.Why choose MiningPoolHub over cheap moncler jackets womens NiceHash?The concise answer to this question, is that NiceHash (NH) moncler outlet woodbury has a 4% fee for those who don use NH wallets and has a higher payout of.01 to external wallets and.001 to NH wallets in Bitcoin. NH only pays uk moncler sale you for your hashing power, so you aren technically mining any specific coin for yourself, but relying on a market where moncler sale online people pay you and others moncler outlet online for your hashing power.The advantage of NH is that you have an easy to use GUI interface that takes care of benchmarking and auto switching algorithms that are the most profitable for your hardware. cheap moncler sale It the best to use for new miners and those who are too lazy to research what are the most profitable coins. You also get paid in Bitcoin.The disadvantage of NH, is the higher fees (4% vs. 0.002 BTC minimum with a 0.0003 BTC transaction fee). You are also dependent on buyers for hashing power, so if your GPU doesn have any cheap moncler jackets mens profitable algorithms to offer hashing for or if there are no buyers of cheap moncler coats mens hashing power, you don make moncler outlet store money.The disadvantage of MPH, is that setting up the auto switching tools or mining specific coin (or algorithms) may require experience with writing batch scripts and using command lines interfaces. I added a second card to my setup yesterday, and every miner explicitly stated stats for GPU0 and GPU1 with the same stats, so this SHOULD best moncler jackets work :)For now, check the usual stuff. Were these cards working previously for something else, or moncler womens jackets is this their maiden voyage? discount moncler jackets Is everything securely plugged in? Do both gpus show up in Task Manager? Can you successfully connect a monitor to either moncler outlet prices one? Are you using the latest drivers from nvidia? I would even try to play some AAA game moncler online store with each gpu separately this would cheap moncler jackets indirectly test a lot.After checking these, I would recommend running some of these miners and explicitly pass which gpu to use. For example, I think that dstm uses ‘ d 0’ uk moncler outlet to use only the first gpu, and ‘ d 0 1’ to use the first and second. Better (and accurate) examples should be on the getting started page for any equihash pool.

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