All Noor Sahab needed was our dates and we were happy to oblige

You guys should be going to her account and blocking it and reverting it back to what it was. Not me. Why should I have to delete it?”.

You see, Teals Prairie is a community in Burleson County, Texas, founded by John Teal around 1850. John Teal came from the Deep South, perhaps Tennessee, Kentucky or Alabama. Of distinguished pedigree, John Teal brought along his workforce, as did every prominent settler, and the workers got down to business, turning the surrounding fields into an agricultural paradise.

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Zardman tribes are united under an Alpha Grunt, who serves as the chieftain. The Alpha is known as the Boss. At any time the Boss of the tribe may be challenged by one of his Grunts for leadership, in which case a ceremonial battle ensues.

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Earlier this week, we talked with food blogger Deb Perelman from the website Smitten Kitchen, and she gave us her tips for making the best Thanksgiving stuffing. One of her suggestions really stuck with us. It’s so good.

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