However, there are some movies with some very significant

The permanence and persistence of the people is its opening. I love the works to God, even if I say that this prayer was Do not give to the man full of qualities and only do this to the words of God to me and you accept full acceptance and forgiveness and lift our degrees in the eye and forgive our neighbors For those who preceded us in prayer you do not Lehman
these signs of good things to pray to our Lord Prophet peace be upon him written by the imam of the imams, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani – Holy God and his secret Nfna God Berkth Amen. God bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and him.

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Going out on the streets, carrying nothing but a flag and calling for democracy could cost you your life here. Chanting “down with the dictator” could lead to your being subjected to electric shocks. Giving a speech about human rights and democracy can lead to life imprisonment.

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