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If a customer’s card is declined, but they’re able to pay by cash, Koizumi said the restaurant will make exceptions and take cash, but that no change will be given.And if there’s a tech glitch or if payment systems go down? If that ever happens, Koizumi said meals would be on the house but he’s skeptical it will come to that.”Internet is strong and stable enough for me to decide on a cash free system,” said Koizumi. Restaurant and Food Services Association, said he’s not heard of other restaurants going cash free, but said “it makes complete sense” considering how diners’ habits have changed.”I can’t even remember the last time I was with anybody or anywhere that someone pulled out cash to pay for anything in a restaurant,” he said. “It’s not a deal breaker in my opinion and I think the industry would be quite happy to get rid of cash.”Tostenson noted his association has partnered with an company that has developed an app that allows diners to pay by phone or by app right at their table instead of waiting for a bill during busy periods.In Seattle, a high end Starbucks has been experimenting with cash free transactions since last week.

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